There is quite a popular image doing the rounds on the internet. It shows a lot of gadgets from the 80’s in a big pile. There is a video camera, a regular camera, a video player, a calculator, a huge mobile phone, a computer monitor, a GPS and much, much more. Then below the image is a picture of a smartphone showing that all those 80s devices are easily incorporated into a tiny smartphone available for only a few hundred Euros.

What you can take from the article is that technology is always in our pocket. And with it always in our pocket it’s being used at a phenomenal rate. While the Nokia phones of 10 years ago could last a week on a single charge now it is a case that smartphones, dedicated cameras and tablets all need charging pretty much every night.

The problem with a lot of manufacturers is that they try and save money by only including a USB charging cable. So at night time you might have to plug in three or four different devices into your laptop or desktop and then leave the desktop on overnight (using a huge amount of electricity) to ensure your gadgets are charged. If you do not want to do that then you need to buy adapters so you can plug your USB cable into the adapter which then goes into the wall. And of course as the amount of cables and devices increase so does the likelihood that one or even a few will be misplaced, they will get tangled or they can break. The manufacturers could quite easily include a plug for the region you’re based in, but with so many different plug types in different parts of the world manufacturing and including different parts adds to their cost. Hence the worldwide standard of USB plugs.

With so many devices needing USB connections there is something that can be done. Any electrical contractor will be able to install a wall socket that can accept the standard three prong plugs as well as a USB connection. With those installed you need never worry about having to leave your computer on all night, or about finding the right converters.

Installing the USB plug is quite an easy job for most electrical contractors. If you have someone doing work on your home then it might very well be worthwhile getting a few of the USB connections installed in the areas phones and tablets get charged. It’s a minimal cost and it can save a huge amount of hassle.